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Sunday School & Creche

During this period of lockdown, while church is not running as it normally does, we are providing families with weekly videos, worksheets and family 'devotions.’ These are a chance for families to open the Bible together, particularly so that children get regular input from the Bible while we are away from our normal Sunday groups.

Over the next couple of weeks over we will be using material from Quiz Worx to explore the wonder of Easter and what Jesus' death and resurrection means for us today. And our hope is that you will grow in your love and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus, as you marvel at his great love and power in dying and rising again.  

Each week there is a Kids' Talk video and song to watch. There are age specific worksheets and accompanying discussion questions for you to work through with your children. There are also provided some further ‘Digging Deeper’ Family Devotions. These will help you and your family discover more about Jesus and the good and wondrous things he brings. There are even ideas for crafts and games.

Sunday School - 11th April

Jesus has risen! On Easter Sunday, we remembered that Jesus beat death. Jesus is alive. This is incredible news! In this talk we retell the true events of John 20 when Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to his friends. Using story sticks and puppets, we highlight 3 incredible truths of the Bible. That Jesus is the LIVING King and everyone who trusts Jesus will one day beat death and live forever with him. That Jesus is the PEACE BRINGING King because he made a way for people to be at peace with God. That Jesus wants his followers to tell others about him because Jesus is the SENDING King.



Activity sheet for ages 5-8 

Activity sheet for ages 9-12

Craft & Game ideas

Sunday School - 28th March

Right now, our world seems out of control. Some people are getting sick. Some people are losing their jobs. And nearly all of us have to stay at home and can’t go out and play with our friends. But the Bible reminds us again and again, that even when things seem out of control, Jesus is still in control. In this talk we retell the incredible events of John 18 and 19 that led up to Jesus’ death on the cross. We will see that Jesus was, is and always will be IN CONTROL. This is Good News.

Discussion Questions & Family Devotions



Activity sheet for ages 4-8 

Activity sheet for ages 9-12

Craft & Game ideas

All Age Services

Once a month, usually the last Sunday, we all stay together for an all age service. This is one way of showing we are one big family together and that we all need to listen to Jesus. It’s not a children’s service. Neither is it an adult service with pictures.  We aim to be genuinely interactive, engaging and fun for all ages.

Our aim is that people of all ages will be challenged and encouraged as we look creatively and faithfully at the Bible together. Often it is the adults who leave most challenged as they hear big truths explained in a simple way with powerful visual images.


imageDiscoverers is now online. Join us for fun, craft and games as we set sail on a voyage of discovery through the Bible and meet many exciting characters along the way. It is free and everything you need to take part will be delivered to your door.

The next Discoverers Online is on Sunday 25th April at 4-5pm. 

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